Why Eduyug school management system?

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Empowering the way of management.

EduYug has unique features for schools that are less expensive which makes us different from others. We have various unique curricular features which are very helpful for school management. School ERP is multi-dimensional for a school to manage the operation in a streamlined way. school management software is responsible to minimize the complexity at each step of daily operational work.

We have designed this school management system in wake of operation for each department for Admin, Accounts, Human Resource Management, Student Management system, Learning Management system, and more (modules link should be here). the school has both options to choose this school ERP online and offline. it is multifaceted.

Eduyug consists of two models.

1. Management Model

A management model automates and streamlines school operations. It has 40+ modules assisting in managing school operations in a streamlined way such as student management, admission inquiry, teacher management, daily assignments, timetable management, online teaching, and more.

2. Growth management

Good schools need insights to help them interpret past performance as well as plan future activities. To make the best possible tactical decisions in the short run and strategic decisions in the long run, they need timely, accurate, and actionable information about students, teachers, and school performance. Spur the growth of a school.

  • Ground zero competition platform.
  • Career guidance management system.

Ground zero platform is a competition platform for students with various curricular activities. It helps students to share their knowledge, advance their knowledge.

  • Interschool competition platform.
  • Intra school competition platform.

E-Class Platform

"We are providing the class platform to evolve School Management, empower teachers communication with children and parents."
  • Easy access to live video class from anywhere.
  • Students can watch recorded video classes as many times as they want.
  • Interschool competition platform for students

    "We are working on Ground zero platform is an inter school competition platform to enhance the communication of students with others, unknown students of several schools which are collaborating with us will compete with each other as unknown player. Various activities will be held through this platform for students"
  • It will improve the efficiency of each student.
  • Students will exchange the knowledge with each other which increases the knowledge in various fields.
  • Career interest

    "We are taking interest in students’ career interests. Students themselves build up the strong way of career interest to accomplish over the time period."
  • We share facts and figures to students regarding his career interest.
  • We give many reminders through which a student will always connect with his Aim.
  • More engagement ensures to accomplish easily.
  • Easy backup option

    "This platform is completely cloud-based. You will never lose your data easily. You can backup your data."
  • Easily access from anywhere.
  • No need to install software in clients devices.
  • A School's smooth functioning is the result of strong administration.
  • 24*7 Technical Support

    "We proudly state that our technical team members are always ready to provide the best service they keep with ten year experience in this field so we facilitate."
  • We are here to serve you.
  • We provide solutions for every technical issue in schools.
  • Technical strength

    "This platform is completely cloud-based. You will never lose your data easily. You can backup your data."
  • No need to install software on clients devices.
  • Robust Technology is used to develop test platforms.
  • Mobile SMS and email alerts.
  • Secure, Support and Alert

    Secure Payment Gateway

    "We have designed an online gateway of payment to pay his child fees as well as other charges of school from your workplace."

    Multiple Language Support

    "This feature keeps support to each parent to use easily our features with Hindi and English."

    Managerial support

    "We have a wide area network which our team members will always connect to you.Each week we ensure that everything is running better."

    100% free and secure

    "we ensure you that your data is permanently secure with us ,It will not disclose in front of others, we are using a world best server."

    Message and email alerts

    "we facilitate the way we always ensure you with intensive alerts regarding your children."

    Our Team support

    "Our team fast support, quick & responsive! better Value. 24/7 IT support, real people friendly advice."