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Who we are!

Software Solution for every school

Powering School Transformation

Eduyug, school management system, school ERP, is a provider of managed services, and technology to schools. We are building a digital bridge among Schools, teachers, parents, and students to establish a strong relationship amongst. Parents can keep an eye on their children without any disruptions!
We are pushing education towards digitization with an alternative option of communication between parents and schools. We are initiating to transform the education system of India digitally. EDUYUG ERP gives all-in-one school management software solutions for a school, facilitates the way of management as well as gives privilege for growth, and makes a contribution to producing an ignited mind in our society!

How We commenced

Eduyug is formed to deliver a responsive better-quality service with advanced technology solutions. To this day, the company is committed to making hassle-free all facets of daily school operations. Contribute more to produce better-quality education.

Supporting The Industry

Through our intuition and experience, our team has designed this school management system with 40+ modules to mitigate daily challenges for the school industry. in this fast-changing environment, the school faces challenges, in preparing, planning, and executing. transforming this industry from traditional to digital with the gathering of users' challenges experience, developing innovative models for them to reduce complexity which gives a competitive advantage to this industry.

Our Purpose

Our company's purpose remains to bridge the gap among schools, parents, teachers, and students. Provide a learning environment where all students come. Collaborate, share their experiences with others to advance their knowledge and skills.

Our Core Values

At Eduyug, our strong bond assures us as INTEGRITY between us. Through COLLABORATION, our every action is visible to all institutes as TRANSPARENCY. We give priority to our customers to serve them with the best service. Our team strives to produce ignited mind in this society.
We are transforming all operational as well clerical tasks in the form of digital with transparency, flawless administration that will give your school a competitive advantage.