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Classroom Management

Set up classroom management according to section, standard, and students. allocate the class during the new admission process.

Online Exam Management

Schedule the examination timetable and eliminate the unnecessary cost and paper wastage incurred during the examination process. Parents can keep an eye on their student's growth, and instant lives feedback.

Time-Table Management

Admin can manage the timetable for each class and section. time table plays a vital role in school to manage the time appropriately. Time table saves time for individual staff for better utilization.

Library Management

Easy to keep records of books and students for library management the librarian can track the books' status, collect the fines, and generate insightful reports to identify gaps and future needs. This electronic module improves the structure of the library and enhances the efficiency of the librarian.

Hostel Management

Keep the students' records, generate gate passes and manage the fees record and hostel room facility. Warden can keep an eye on the students with any disruption. Hostel management gives additional power to provide live updates to schools and parents.

Fee Management

School Fees management system to automate and streamline the fees processes. Staff can keep a real-time track of fees collection and pending fees. Generate various fee structures, customized reports, and fees receipt, and also send instant alerts to parents in case of fee dues.

HRMS Management

It helps to keep all data of school staff such as attendance, leaves, late in and out, teachers can apply for leave, check payslips, and a data record of leave management. Wish on their birthday to the staff. Staff can check their presence. Admin can monitor present, and absent.

Student Attendance Management

It manages the attendance record of students, checks live attendance, and past attendance of each student, and mitigates the chance of absence for students. it helps in the modification of student attendance. View, edit option available to manage. Parents can check their students' attendance within the customized period.

Assignments Management

Teachers can easily share the assignment with students' in a class as well as check the view of students who complete the work on time for the entire class. Assignments can be sent according to subject categorization. Parents can manage daily assignment information. Gives transparency between teachers and Parents.

Transport Management

We have developed this module in the wake-up students' security is our responsibility. GPS tracking systems can manage and alert parents to pick up and drop time to save a lot of time. Brings transparency between school and parents. Manage daily school bus root records to make better utilization of transport resources.

Website Management

Website Management of School and College.

Payment Gateway Integration

Online gateway of payment is the door facility of each parent as well as others to pay online through his IoT devices at his workplace, home, and other places into school accounts through UPI, NEFT, IMPS many more. Schools can collect fees with this alternate option.

Task Management

The teacher can set up his task with a due date which reminds them to complete it on time. Task management helps to use existing resources for the welfare of the school. The task can be assigned to staff and students with timely execution and submission of task progress.

Daily HomeWork

Students can get daily homework on this platform for each subject with a due date after completion it can be uploaded on his portal and teachers can view it.

Online Quiz Management

Here quizzes which enhance the knowledge of each student can be subject-wise, the school can upload its quiz according to class, subject, and other topics. The quiz helps to remind what things students have done in their class.

Daily ClassWork

Students' growth is transparent as showcased in the portal based on exams, tests, and other events. Parents can keep up to date with their children and take better implementation for their children.

Gate-Pass Management

Generate the gate pass for students and visitors as well as parents. which keeps records of all in and out an entry in school with the elimination of paperwork and keep secure.

Biometric/RFID Attendance

Attendance of members quickly through punching and RFID readers.

Badges Management

Motivate students, Earn more new badges. We provide the badges to students of each class who get good positions in class, and we encourage them and their classmates to contribute more to earn new badges.

Finance Management

Finance is the key to any organization. Finance management which keeps all financial transaction details from voucher generation to balance sheet, whenever school can check the expense record, income record weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Online-Class Management

We have integrated many live options and shared a link, with students. Online classes may be helpful for school through live classes and record class as many times in a day. students can watch and learn, it is a very exciting feature for teachers who can take a class from home with students and send motivation, and encouragement through videos. Enhance teaching skills digitally.

Digital Diary

Teachers can send the syllabus activity with students to cover lessons at different times. It is a digital diary for students and teachers. Parents can trace daily routine information about their children. A digital diary helps to send a notification, SMS to parents.

Discussion / Doubt-clearing

This module clears all doubts of a student instant.

Gradebook Management

Schools can generate the report of each student weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. this module shares the progress position of students with parents. Gradebook builds transparency. The teacher can generate the report card and share it with parents. Parents can give feedback on their students' growth.

School Information System

A 360° school profile with all relevant information about students can be fetched. These features provide information at a place such as a student's basic details, attendance, grade book, TC, achievement, and more. it keeps all records to minimize the paperwork and reduce cost and space.

Growth Management

Students' growth is transparent as showcased in the portal based on exams, tests, and other events. Parents can keep up to date with their children and take better implementation for their children.

Birthday Module

Wish a happy birthday to make happiness from others to a special person on a special day.Remind the birthday of members of school joyfully make that day very special for that person.

Document Sharing

A Document sharing module is helpful for teachers to share specific documents for the betterment of students learning and lives with multiple students.

Grievance Management

Through this module, the school can improve the quality of learning and service for parents and students. Continue improvements will create more opportunities for schools.

Gallery Management

The gallery modules will be full of school memories collection and happiness for all staff and students and which can be kept to remind them about past days.

Inventory management

Keep the record of stock of all materials efficiently. Prepare the detailed stocks in and out entry.

Letters & Certificate Generator

Management can easily prepare letters and certificates for students in documents and eliminate the paperwork.

Career Interest Platform

The career interest of students is a crucial point to accomplish over time, students will be able to set up their way towards a career.

Competition platform(Ground Zero Platform)

A platform which is an interschool Competition platform that collaborated with us.

News/Events Management

Admin can create an event/news and share it with students and teachers with a messaging facility in the app.

Circular Management

Admin can send circular for betterment in school, education and on others to all staff.

Student profile Management

A 360°profile of students with relevant information. To save successfully with the student information system

Teacher Information System

A 360° profile management of the teacher with all relevant information about him will be visible.

Communication platform (T-P)(T-T)

A real-time communication feature between parents to the teacher, teacher to teacher, and student to the teacher makes better relationships among them and improves the quality of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A School management system is a complete educational ERP solution that streamlines, automates, and simplifies day-to-day operations. We help schools manage online admissions, daily attendance, homework, assessments, examinations, fee collections, transportation, HR payroll management, hostel and library management. A school ERP provides various modules to digitise campus administration and enable educators to make quick decisions that enhance student and staff performance promoting the institution’s growth.

Online admission software enables parents to drop an online enquiry and also makes online transactions possible for application and registration fee via payment gateway. Admissions tool provides real-time insights of all admission-related tasks by streamlining the entire enquiry to admission procedure.

To ensure a seamless virtual teaching-learning experience, you must choose a reliable platform equipped with the following functionalities.
  • Online Classes: Integrated with Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Zoom.
  • Online Assignments & Assessments
  • E-Learning Content
  • Teaching Plan
  • Collaboration Platform
  • Internal Communication
  • Compatibility with all iOS & Android devices