What we are!

EduYug,we are building a digital bridge among School,teachers,parents and students to make a strong relationship amongst.Parents can keep an eye on their children without any disruptions!

We are pushing education towards digitization with an alternative option of communication between parents and school.We are initiating to transform the education system of India digitally.

We are transforming the all operational as well clerical task in the form of digital with transparency, flawless administration that will give your school a competitive advantage.

For school ! We provide

With access to every detail of an institute, it increases productivity, improves efficiency, saves a lot of time in administration tasks.

It will centralise the power of school,manage the discipline of school.

Live stream management of classes,record the class of a particular subject.

A real-time data record, which is cloud based.

Communication platforms directly make connections with parents.

For teachers! We produce

Share events or notices to every parent through the communication channel.

Share students progress and generate reports with parents.

Improves students , teachers ,parents collaborations.

Connect with his school from anywhere.

Teachers can drive online classes for students on this platform.

Through this platform teachers can easily provide solutions for students from anywhere.

For parents! We ensure

Parents can keep an eye on their children without any disruptions.

Parents should be aware of the whereabouts of their kids with bus tracking.

Easy to trace the academic growth and co-curricular progress.

Parents will be getting connected to teachers all time.

Easily pay fee through online gateway of payment.

Time to time , they can easily access the school calendar.

For students! We facilitate

Online sharing of notes and homework.

Easily get an online time-table and exam schedule.

Hassle free they can ask questions to faculty.

Tracing his all records weekly,monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

E-class will be helpful to improve his efficiency.