EduYug ERP!

EduYug school management system provides an easy-to-use interface with initiative functionalities and controls an exciting range of features with 40+ modules.

EduYug School management system is a prototype conception to create a sustainable School management the significance of the EduYug ERP system is to increase productivity, improve the efficiency enhance the learning program of each member of every school.

EduYug ERP is initiating a learning program to students learning solutions to make the teacher task very favourable.

EduYug ERP provides a suite of software covering all parts of school administration managing the clerical task easily.

Ground Zero Platform!

Unknown students competition platform

'0' where everybody stands redesigned this platform in the wake of enhancement.

Ground zero platform is student centric where unknown students compete with each other on the various activities which are conducted by EduYug group.

This platform is designed for students!

Evolve The Personality.

Enhance The Knowledge.

Empower The Skills.

The school which collaborated with us will be the part of Ground zero platform.

Activity will be held in interschools.

Activity will be held intra school.

On this platform the students will participate in various competitions.

"the central task of education is to implant a will and facility for learning. It should not produce learned but learning peoples. The truly human society is a learning society where everyone learns together"

- Eric Hoffer

The young ignited minds of our society, our greatest assets. We at EduYug cherish these youngsters and encourage them to explore their true potential by awakening their passion and cultivating their talents.

Career Interest!

Career Interest is the final destination of a student to accomplish over the time period. student should be clear about his final goal for it. We prepare the circumstances students buildup the way smartly.

We remind students many times about their goals.

We assess the career goal of each student who collaborated with us.

We share the facts and figures which prepare the circumstances to build up the way of career.

We assessment -

We try to know the career goal of each student who is associated with us , and students easily show his/her career interest on their app in a digital way.

We take observation -

Observation process through which our team analyzes each student ,how much they are prepared towards his/her goal which gives us transparency with students.

We build up -

Yes, positive circumstances surrounding us change the mind and help us to get what we want.

So we build up the way smartly with positive circumstances through which student.

Students get timely reminders regarding his/her career goal.

We share facts ,figures ,books ,notes,videos, motivational speakers’ speech and seminars.

We create events for students to participate in and get closer towards their career goal.

Students will always be aware to take next action to get more closer to his/her career.

We take reassessment and re-observation process -

We reiterate the first two processes simultaneously.

Student standstill on his career goal.

How much are students engaging , prepared towards their career goal with quiz,test and more activity.